Who we are?

​The Santiago Chamber of Commerce (SCC), set up 1919, has a current membership exceeding 2,000 large, medium-sized and small companies originating from a cross section of main economic sectors. Since its inception the main objective of the SCC has been the staunch support of the trading community interests. This aim is achieved mainly through the definition of the working areas viewed as with a greater incidence in the current and future status of national trade activities.

Based on this framework, and with a view to boosting the activities undertaken by the business community, the Chamber has developed its current catalogue of products and services. When it comes to support the economic decentralization process, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce is regularly exchanging information, products and services with all sister chambers. This aim is achieved through a network of 30 Chambers of Commerce scattered throughout Chile. The Spanish name of the grid is “Red Electrónica Nacional del Comercio” National Commerce Electronic Network) using a state-of-the art technology platform.